College Regulations, Policies and Procedures

Further details of all College Rules and Regulations are identified in the College Student Handbook. PDFs of all our College policies can be found in the College Policies section.

College Student Charter

The College Student Charter can be found in both the College Student Handbook and the Course Handbook. This outlines the College’s commitment to students and how we can work together to ensure they receive an outstanding experience at West Kent and Ashford College. The Student Charter explains what students can expect from us and what we expect from them and they should ensure they read it. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Personal Tutor, the Course Manager or the Head of Faculty.

The College has an expectation of 100% attendance which is followed up if attendance drops below 93%. However, all students in receipt of the Bursary are required to attend 100%. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the College if they are absent – just like they would if they were at work. If they are going to be absent – even if it is for just one lesson they must:

  • Telephone the Student Retention Officer on 01233 743101 and leave a message. If they leave a message, they must speak clearly and:
    • Give their name
    • The course they are on
    • The reason for their absence
    • When they expect to return

Or text 07860 002032 starting the text with abi followed by their name, Student ID number (found on ID badge) and the reason for their absence.

  • If they know they are going to be absent then they should inform their Personal Tutor beforehand. They are expected to arrange personal appointments like non-emergency dental appointments and driving lessons outside College time so that they don’t interfere with their attendance.

Please Note: Holidays are not to be booked during term-time

For the security and safety of all students and for the purposes of identification, students are expected to wear their Student ID Card whilst on College premises and on College trips.

Students should be aware that any visitors to the College must sign in on arrival, wear a visible visitor lanyard or sticker and sign out on departure.

The aim of the Student Disciplinary Policy and Procedures is to help set clear boundaries of what is expected of students in terms of attendance, behaviour and academic progress in and out of the classroom. This relates to any College activity that occurs away from the main place of study.

The policy lists unacceptable behaviour and what constitutes poor progress which may lead to a student becoming ‘at risk’ of not achieving on a course. In such cases a student will have a meeting with their Personal Tutor, may start the Disciplinary Procedure and will be given an Action Plan to improve.

Please see the dedicated policies section on the website for all policies and guidance. These include areas such as:

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection
  • Health & Safety
  • Complaints and Ofsted contacts
  • Extremism and Prevent agenda
  • Data Protection
  • Students attending West Kent and Ashford College will be invited to events that are sometime based at Hadlow College where there is student accommodation. It is important that you are made aware of some of the rules and regulations that apply when attending these events.

    Attendance at Events or Residential Passes (including access to accommodation)

    Day students may attend organised events or use the student bar or common room areas until 10.30pm. ID must be worn at all times and students must have signed in at the Student Support Services Office.

    Day students will have limited access to residential accommodation - only after 5.00pm. Day students must obtain a pass from Student Support Services to be allowed access to the blocks after this time. They can only get access with permission of a resident student and must remain in the company of that student throughout their stay.

    All students will be entitled to a maximum of six passes during the academic year (two per term). This will include those being obtained for non-resident students wishing to stay overnight or guests visiting either until 11pm or overnight.

    Overnight passes

    On occasion residential students request to have a guest stay overnight in their room.

    Residential Students under 18 must provide a completed “Parental Consent Form” prior to any guest staying.

    Overnight guests under 18 must also obtain written permission from their parents/ guardians, these forms are available in the residential blocks or can be obtained from the Hadlow Student Support Services office.

    Only a limited number of overnight passes will be issued on social event nights. Mixed visiting between students under 18 is permissible until 11.00pm.

    Students in under 18s accommodation cannot have overnight guests over the age of 18 or of the opposite sex.

    Any day student or guest must abide by all College and residential rules, failure to do so will result in them being asked to leave campus. If a day student or guest is under 18 parents/guardians will be contacted to collect them.