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Lewis Golding

The Built Environment


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Manager, Derek Gilburt
There's an enormous skills shortage in the Construction industry that has been prevalent for a good number of years now. Apprentices is one of the way we can start to plug that skills and technology gap. I also believe that as a business that bringing in young talent helps our management team and overall corporate capability.

Apprentice, Lewis
I chose an apprenticeship in the construction industry because it's constantly expanding with different machines and there are many opportunities to progress further and to improve your knowledge. Every day is a new challenge with O'Keefe, it never gets tiring or boring. Everyone is willing to teach me and help me out wherever they can. I have experienced most parts of the business, such as project management, being out on the ground and estimating.

Manager, Derek Gilburt
First and foremost the O'Keefe group is about safety, it's the number one mantra for our business. So before we worked with Lewis, or anyone else, we make sure they have a firm background in health and safety and understands what the legislative, professional requirements are. After that we meet with the College provider on a regular basis, not only to look back at what he's achieved but to look forward, and make sure we are planning his progress through the O'Keefe business, so he comes out a well-rounded and skilled individual.

Apprentice, Lewis
I'd like to become a Project Manager and progress through my career in that direction, as I enjoy being outside and on a specific project. I take pride in my work.

I'd like to become a Project Manager and progress through my career in that direction.