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Our students look forward to being involved in a wide range of events throughout the year. We have student bands who perform within the College and at local venues. Our Art and Design students exhibit both at the College and at venues across the South East, including London. There are many ways to get involved with life at the College; here are a few ideas.


Enrichment takes place throughout the week and offers a wide variety of exciting activities and support that add to your time at College. Taking part in these activities, or accessing the support available will enhance your personal development, help you gain new skills, enjoy new experiences and support you to achieve all you can at College.

  1. Cultural Enrichment and Personal Development - These are regular events aimed at raising awareness of other countries, traditions and their cultures through a range of workshops and food tasting events.
  2. Hadlow Evening and Weekend Enrichment - These activities, open to all students, help make the experience an enjoyable and fulfilling one.
  3. Cross-College Themed Events - These are the annual parties and events, open to all students that celebrate the start, middle and end of the academic year these include the Winter Ball, charity fundraising events, The Hadlow Group Sports Awards and Summer Ball.
  4. Sport Enrichment - The Hadlow Group has a variety of competitive sporting teams and we offer a range taster sessions for all students to get active when studying with us.
  5. Curriculum Enrichment - Each curriculum area will organise sessions for other students to experience what they do, or to learn a transferable skill and create an understanding of what we have to offer.

Activities and Events

Students are able to take part in a variety of different activities which may include learning a new skill, helping other people within the community or local area, attending a workshop or sampling offsite activities. The programme is based on activities specifically requested by our students and aims to keep you stimulated and motivated.

Ashford College is a Health Promoting College encouraging students to participate in physical activities and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Students may wish to participate in football sessions or attend some of health and fitness sessions such as yoga. We are also closely situated to a number of sport and fitness centres including the Stour Centre, The Gym Group and Park Club.

All activities offered by the College are free of charge for students to attend with the exception of some of the Cross College Themed Events

Student Union

Join the Student Union - You might get involved in assisting clubs, hosting events, organising trips or helping us to develop and deliver health campaigns. Student Union Officers meet every week to discuss College activity and to organise and plan for events.

The Student Union receives funding from the National Union of Students (NUS) to help support Union activity. To find how to apply for an NUS Extra TOTUM Card, visit the NUS website.

With a TOTUM card you can get over 200 discounts in the UK and over 42,000 international discounts - and it comes with 1 year free ISIC, which enables you to access discounts in over 130 countries.

College Committees

On all of our College committees, there is a student representative, including two students on the College Board of Governors. By being one of these representatives, you ensure that you have a say in how the College is run, as well as giving yourself the chance to develop excellent skills for your future career. Ultimately, it is your chance to put forward ideas, comments and suggestions, which represent the student population.

Learner Voice

Learner Voice gives you the chance to participate in and influence all aspects of College life. From something as quick and easy as making a comment on the College social network sites, to being a Student Rep for your group, or giving us your opinion through one of the meetings with Senior Managers, or focus groups. As a Student Rep, you will attend a Learner Voice Forum each term with the Executive Team and also attend a Learner Voice Conference in the Spring Term.

The College will always respond to learner opinions, including ‘you said, we did’ initiatives, student emails, and feedback directly from the Student Union and class representatives. You can also email your views to

Keep Up-To-Date

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