CIPD Certificate in Human Resource Management Level 5

The CIPD's new Intermediate Certificate in Human Resource Practice provides knowledge and understanding of different HR models and practices, and the external factors that impact on organisations. The Intermediate Certificate provides the underpinning knowledge for CIPD Associate professional membership for individuals who:

- are seeking to develop a career in HR management and development
- are working in the field of HR management and development and need to extend their knowledge and skills
- have responsibility for implementing HR policies and strategies
- need to understand the role of HR in the wider organisational and environmental context.

As a management course, the Human Resources Intermediate Certificate is focused on the role of HR in building sustainable business success.

i. A sound understanding of how Human Resource activities support an organisation’s strategy and assist the achievement of business objectives.
ii. A broader perspective of the organisational issues facing those in charge of the management of people within organisations.
iii. An understanding of how to analyse Human Resource information and present findings to inform decision making.”

(Source: CIPD website:

We provide tuition on Monday evenings at Ashford, starting on Monday 8 January 2018 with enrolment and induction. The classes run to term dates, so there will be a half term at the middle of February, plus Easter break of two weeks, plus half term in May/June. We will break at the end of July for the Summer holiday, starting again in September, the course will then continue until Christmas 2018.

In addition to teaching, individual tutorials are delivered usually on the day of teaching, but sometimes by mutual arrangement at other days and times. An assessment schedule will be provided at the start of the course along with a course handbook giving information about the College, the assessment process and other key information.

There is no external examination – all units are assessed by assignment which can take the form of reports, briefing notes, case studies, presentations or role play.

CIPD state a minimum attendance level, full details of which will be given at interview.

The fee for the Certificate is £1475 for tuition, plus £40 registration fee. In addition, there is a membership fee payable to CIPD which is usually between £90 and £130, depending on whether the student is a first time member and on any offers CIPD have at the time. You will be able find the details on the CIPD site.

The units delivered for the course are as follows, although the option units can vary depending upon the group’s requirements:

List of units for Level 5 Intermediate Certificate in Human Resource Management (QCF)
Total credits required 32

Code: 5DVP
Title: Developing Professional Practice
Credits: 4

Code: 5CHR
Title: Business Issues and the Contexts of Human Resources
Credits: 6

Code: 5UIN
Title: Using Information in Human Resources
Credits: 4

Selected option units:

Code: 5RST
Title: Resourcing and Talent Planning
Credits: 6

Title: Employment Law
Credits: 6

Code: 5LMS
Title: Developing Leadership and Management Skills
Credits: 6
Advanced Learner Loan

Entry requirements

The qualification is designed for those already working in an HR role in a supervisory position, or those with management experience in another role. The academic standard is second year degree, so students are expected to have A Level English grade C or above, or an equivalent, as a minimum or demonstrate that they have a standard of literacy parallel to that level.