Award in 2D Computer Aided Design (CAD) Level 3 (Evening)

This programme is designed for those with previous experience of 2D Computer Aided Design who wish to gain more advanced understanding. It would be advantageous for prospective students to have experience of technical drawing in their vocational area.

The benefits of this course are:

>> Provide students with skills and knowledge necessary to become more fully competent users of AutoCAD software able to produce a wide range of 2D drawings.
>> Provide a nationally recognised qualification.
>> Provide professional development opportunities.
>> Capacity to download AutoDesk student version products for free.

Course Content:

The course offers a working knowledge of AutoCAD 2D software. (Each individual will have the sole use of a workstation, comprising up-to-date computer hardware and AutoCAD software).

>> Use a layering system and different line type styles.
>> Define and use a system for grouping objects to form blocks or libraries.
>> Produce isometric drawings within the 2D environment.
>> Use complex dimensioning routines.
>> Use different drawing spaces.
>> Produce hard copies of drawings
>> Make enquiries of an existing drawing and place reference points.
>> Use a means of pre command object selection in order to carry out editing processes.
>> Change the properties of a number of drawn entities.
>> Edit blocks/symbols and hatch areas.
>> Modify continuous lines formed by connected sequences of lines or arcs (polylines).
>> Use a method to remove unused items and rename other items logically

It can lead to career enhancement where knowledge and ability in more advanced 2D CAD are required. Employment as a CAD operator within individual's vocational area.

The course requires passing two practical assessments and one short answer written paper. This course leads on to the Level 3 City and Guilds 3D course.

Entry requirements

Preferably, students will have good practical experience and a competence equal to that achieved through 2D CAD level 2 (4353-01, 7579-02, 7689-04).