Ashford College
20 March 2018

The Apprenticeship Levy: One Year On

There are many good employers promoting the recruitment of apprenticeships, including many of the good businesses that work with us, and the other colleges across the Hadlow Group. However, as educators we continue to wade through the commentary and challenge of negativity that surrounds the Levy. Most in the sector accept that the 3 million target by 2020 is unlikely, with FE Week reporting in their apprenticeship supplement that less than 1 in 10 believe the target will be met.

The Confederation for Business Industry (CBI), Association of Employment and Learning Providers among others accept that the surge in support for technical education among business is continuing to grow. However the current levy is neither perfect nor flexible enough to unlock all high quality training that employers require. 

Our approach with employers at Ashford College is different to many other training providers. We look at the whole business requirements, review workforce development strategies, help employers to forward plan talent pool opportunities, progression, promotion and succession planning requirements. Apprenticeships and the Levy are a proportion of the offer, but by no means the only offer. We have access to other business and funding opportunities that support employers to gain meaningful training and development programmes.  

Positive promotion of training, development and apprenticeships is vital for the sector to continue moving forward in what has been a turbulent time.  If you would like to speak to one of our experience professionals please contact one of our team.