Ashford College
05 September 2017

Ashford students brave ‘Storm Doris’ to play football!

Despite high winds and biting cold and whatever else ‘Storm Doris’ threw at us recently, our intrepid students turned up at Pitchside to get a game of soccer in for Enrichment.


As ever the game was fast and furious and ended in a very closely fought 6-7 result, a win for the ‘orange’ team. Our players impressing the referee with their skill, determination and sportsmanship.

As a spectator and official half time orange slice distributor, I can truly say that it was a pleasure to witness the level of teamwork and grit our students demonstrated.

Enrichment at Ashford is always every Wednesday afternoon, look out for posters and announcements. Our next football match will be on Wednesday March 15th. Everyone welcome, to play or to watch. Let’s hope for some sunshine!